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Children’s natural aptitude for math is frequently obscured by outdated assessment. Traditional approaches inhibit engagement and fail to reflect humans’ intrinsic numeracy, leading to a lifelong negative math self-image. This limitation occurs especially among girls and traditionally underserved populations, unnecessarily sabotaging educational and career potential.


For Ages 8 and up


For Ages 10 and Up

Our Solution

Our proven mobile and web games significantly improve number sense, disposition to math, readiness to learn math, and formative proficiency assessment by radically overhauling math’s 10,000 year-old interface, revealing hidden learning and career potential. Hundreds of classrooms and thousands of students are using BrainQuake’s apps right now, and each day the number increases.


Teachers and students typically begin playing our apps within seconds of completing the download. We have a "How-To" Guide, but your teachers won’t need it - they’ll be too busy helping students develop their number sense.


What happens when teachers and students enjoy learning math together? The entire classroom power dynamic changes. Fear of failure melts away and all that is left is teachers’ and students’ natural desire to excel in mathematics. People of all ages use our apps not just because they are good for them, but because they are actually fun to play.


We know that your teachers and you have no time to spare. We also know that too many unproven ed tech offerings clutter the marketplace. We have taken the time to put our apps through rigorous comparison group research - a rarity in education - to demonstrate that our apps are actually effective in order to make your decision easy. World famous Stanford Math Education Professor Dr. Jo Boaler and her team found that children playing Wuzzit™ Trouble for just 10 minutes/day, three days/week for four weeks outperformed their peers by a staggering average 16.4% on a novel, complex performance task similar to what children will experience on Common Core assessments.

Our Team

BrainQuake‘s co-founders include thought leaders and former teachers in our field in our field. Together, we have over 100 years of education and education technology experience. Dr. Keith Devlin, our Chief Scientist, is a Stanford Mathematics Researcher and NPR’s “Math Guy” and has dedicated his career to helping revolutionize how math is taught, learned, and experienced.

Our Partners

BrainQuake’s innovations have been recognized by many of the most important organizations in education technology, including the U.S. Department of Education, Glass Lab Games, and Zynga.org. You can rest assured that choosing BrainQuake’s products for your teachers and schools will be extremely easy to explain (especially when you can also point to our supporting research)!

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Give us a call at 650.307.6353 or send us an email at mathmatters@brainquake.com. We also invite you to take a look at the science behind our work here.