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We know how difficult it is to find high-quality apps your kids want to play while earning your stamp of approval - we're parents, too! At BrainQuake, we're doing our small part to take care of this for you. We build our puzzles not only to deliver world-class math learning, but also to be fun for the whole family. Our work is backed up by a growing body of international research that shows playing our apps translates into important real-world improvement in mathematical thinking. So, when you buy a BrainQuake app, you’re not just purchasing a fun game, you’re buying peace of mind.

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Our mobile and web games significantly improve number sense, disposition to math, readiness to learn math, and formative proficiency assessment by overhauling math’s 10,000 year-old interface, revealing hidden learning and career potential. Hundreds of thousands of players of all ages around the world have amazed themselves by having fun while strengthening their math skills.


We get it. You’re in the car trying not to spill your coffee, barely ignoring the texts flooding your phone, all while the kids are in the back screaming for help with the new app you bought them right before you got in the car. BrainQuake’s apps are incredibly easy to use because they look and feel like so many other apps your kids have already played. Your children will be engaged and engrossed in a matter of seconds!


People of all ages love the Wuzzits™. Your children will be motivated to free the cute, cuddly creatures and chances are good you’ll want to take more than a few spins yourself!


As parents and educators, we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with evidence that our apps can have an enormous impact on your children’s future. We also know that too many unproven ed-tech offerings clutter the marketplace, making it hard to know what works and what doesn’t. We have taken the time to put our apps through rigorous comparison group research, a rarity in education, to demonstrate that our products are actually effective so that your decision is easy. World famous Stanford Math Education Professor Dr. Jo Boaler and her team found that children playing Wuzzit™ Trouble for just 10 minutes/day, three days/week for four weeks outperformed their peers by a staggering average 16.4% on a novel, complex performance task similar to what children will experience on Common Core assessments.

We Know Math

BrainQuake‘s co-founders include thought leaders and former teachers in our field. Together, we have over 100 years of education and education technology experience. Dr. Keith Devlin, our Chief Scientist, is a Stanford Mathematics Researcher and NPR’s “Math Guy” and has dedicated his career to helping revolutionize how math is taught, learned, and experienced.

Our Partners

BrainQuake’s innovations have been recognized by many of the most important organizations in education technology, including the U.S. Department of Education, Glass Lab Games, and You can rest assured that choosing BrainQuake’s products for your family is, well, a no-brainer!

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